Configuring Clock Speed of Jetson Nano

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Pls specify how to run the Jetson nano at max frequency and would there any thermal impact of doing so ?

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please, refer to jetson_clocks

Thank you.

Additional note:
jetson_clocks has several options. After booting and before boosting, you may save a slow clocks config for being able to restore later :

sudo jetson_clocks --store

So that you’ll be able to restore later with:

sudo jetson_clocks --restore

For boosting, not sure for recent releases, but before launching jetson_clocks as @Hodu mentionned, you may first select a NVP model:

sudo nvpmodel -m 0
sudo jetson_clocks

Max perf NVP model used to be 0 on most Jetsons (but surprisingly on NX it may be -m 2, though).

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Thank you for the detailed explanation.