How to stop jetson_clocks?


I ran jetson_clocks using ‘sudo jetson_clocks’.

How to stop jetson_clocks?

Thank you.

Hi neuezeal,

Every time you reboot the board, it will be get back to the normal values, so the effect of running jetson_clocks is volatile (get lost over power cycles or reboots).

If you want to set the max performance of the Jetson device for a while by executing jetson_clocks and then get back to the normal settings, just execute this steps:

  1. Before running jetson_clocks, run “sudo jetson_clocks --store”. This will store the current settings to a file, if you haven’t execute jetson_clocks before on that powercycle it will store the default non-maximized configuration settings to a file.

  2. Then when you are done and want to disable it and get back to the default non-maximized settings, run “sudo jetson_clocks --restore”. tThis will restore the settings from the configuration file that was saved.

Here is --help output of the jetson_clocks for reference:

$ ./ --help
Maximize jetson performance by setting static max frequency to CPU, GPU and EMC clocks.
Usage: [options]
  --show             display current settings
  --store [file]     store current settings to a file (default: ${HOME}/l4t_dfs.conf)
  --restore [file]   restore saved settings from a file (default: ${HOME}/l4t_dfs.conf)
  run without any option to set static max frequency to CPU, GPU and EMC clocks.

I hope this information helps you.

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