Jetson_clocks not working as expected

I have enabled jetson_clocks via jtop and also tried on command line with sudo jetson_clocks.

It was working sometime back. For further info I am running lxde as my desktop.

What part is not working as expected?

FYI, Jetsons can operate in different modes which are basically “ranges” of clock settings and CPU core enable/disable combinations. The “nvpmodel” program is used to select from various modes (which in turn is basically just an echo statement into various files of “/sys”).

The “jetson_clocks” program is used to force to maximum performance within the current mode. If a mode only allows a core to some “less than maximum” value (perhaps because you want to conserve battery consumption), then that is where the clock will remain.

If you are speaking of not seeing any GPU use, then this is completely unrelated to jetson_clocks and nvpmodel. To use the GPU the program itself must be designed to use the GPU. There is no general “offloading” of software to a GPU. Every case which uses the GPU will be intentionally designed to do so. Examples from graphics are OpenGL or OpenGLES or Vulkan. Examples from AI are CUDA or some of the APIs which use CUDA.

I expected the cpu core frequency to be at its static maximum. Its not working
I am using the MAX mode in nvpmodel with a 5V 4A power supply.

It was working this way sometime back. I don’t know what changed

Were you using “nvpmodel -m 0”? If not, then the static maximum might not be as high as you think. If the nvpmodel changes, then the max clock could also change. I suspect package updates might change around some defaults.

Yes. Checked again…

rreddy78@jetson-nano:~ sudo nvpmodel -m 0 rreddy78@jetson-nano:~ sudo nvpmodel -q
NVPM WARN: fan mode is not set!
NV Power Mode: MAXN
rreddy78@jetson-nano:~$ sudo jetson_clocks

With jtop I see that the dvfs is still active. Something has definitely changed with the system updates.

Assuming max speeds did not change with an update (and they can change) the above should reach max clocks except when temperature is causing it to throttle back (perhaps even then? not sure).

Files in “/sys” should be able to verify current clocks and max clocks. Would someone from NVIDIA be able to verify which “/sys” files can be used to list the current policy’s max clock, along with which “/sys” files confirm each core’s current clock?