Set the maximum performance of Xavier NX

Hello, I am using the R35.2.1 system on xavier nx. However, when the application is running, the system may experience a lag and occupy a large amount of computing power. May I ask how to maximize the computing power of xavier nx.

I have reviewed the manual and forum, and to enable the performance of Xavier nx to its maximum, I need to execute the following commands, but there are still a few questions that I need your help with.

sudo nvpmodel -m 0
sudo /usr/bin/jetson_clocks

Why the first command set the mode to 0, i.e. 15W 2CORE, instead of the maximum 8 (20W 6CIRE).

The second command sets the maximum frequency, but after I executed the command, the “/etc/nvpmodel. conf” file did not change because the first command has already set the frequency to the maximum?

Can you please attach the content of you /etc/nvpmodel.conf here?
Also, on the top-right corner of the screen, next to the power option, there should be a little mark showing the power mode currently used, e.g., MAXN/10W/15W/25W, etc. What’s your value shown there?

  1. The nvpmodel. conf file is as follows
    nvpmodel.conf (20.0 KB)

  2. My option is “8: MODE 20W 6CORE ”

Hi, you should refer to Supported Modes and Power Efficiency for power efficiency profiles supported on Xavier NX. For Xavier series, MAXN is only available on AGX Xavier, not Xavier NX, so 8: MODE 20W 6CORE is already the most powerful one set by NVIDIA. (AGX Xavier’s got 8 CPU cores, whereas Xavier NX’s got only 6.)

You can also make some customization to nvpmodel.conf to squeeze out more computing power, but you have to take the risk on your own.

So my current setting is the maximum performance of xavier nx? Is it 21TOPs?

Yes, as in your initial post, you can further use jetson_clocks to maximize the performance. The values in nvpmodel.conf are only how much the device can go up to, but they do not always run at the highest frequency, as being dynamically adjusted by DVFS. jetson_clocks disables DVFS, so every component of the SoC can always run at the highest frequency specified in nvpmodel.conf.

I have watched several forums and will execute these two instructions to improve the performance of xavier nx. What does it mean?

OK. So

sudo nvpmodel -m 0

(should be 8 in your case for Xavier NX)
sets the maximum frequency of each part of the SoC, CPU, GPU, DLA, to name a few. However, take GPU MAX_FREQ 1109250000 under POWER_MODEL 8 for example, this does not mean the GPU will always run at 1109 MHz as it needs to balance the overall power consumption. (Like it may top at 1109 MHz for a period of time, but then goes back to, say, 1000 Mhz.)

sudo /usr/bin/jetson_clocks

Unlocks the aforementioned limitations to make sure the chip will always run at the highest frequency as specified in nvpmodel.conf.

Ok, thank you !
What testing methods are available to see whether the command execution is successful or not after the completion of the following command execution

sudo /usr/bin/jetson_clocks

You can run sudo jetson_clocks --show to know the frequency the chip currently runs at.
Or use jtop; it gives you basically all information you would like to know about the board.

Ok, thank you!!

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