Inbuilt specific Xavier NX command tools / utilities

I would use Xavier NX via ssh only for working on Python based solutions. Where I can find command lines documentation for things like:

  1. change power profile fx to max performance and to low power mode - I would do this from Python scriptd
  2. Get performance stats - Jetson_stats is the only way? What is a difference from Jetson_easy?
  3. How manage memory use from command line? Is any specific way for Jetson Xavier or only way is by systemd / crontab management? (for processing I would free max memory as I can, because from start I got 1 GB memory used
  4. Except command typical to Ubuntu where I can specific for Jetpack command reference for added special tools specific to Xavier NX? (on official wiki I can’t find it)

At the end I have question related to command line:
5. When I boot without attached monitor and keyboard Xavier NX with Jetpack (I use latest official SD image) developer kit will be boot without graphic environment to text only or I have to manually some how turn graphic environment off?

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Not exactly what you want, but here is part of it:

  • nvpmodel --help
    Look at “/etc/nvpmodel.conf”, and perhaps one of the files in “/etc/nvpmodel/*”.
  • jetson_clocks --help
    Look at “~/l4t_dfs.conf”.
    Realize that “/usr/bin/jetson_clocks” is a human readable script, e.g., “less /usr/bin/jetson_clocks”.
  • Running an nvpmodel changes the processors which are available, and makes ranges of clocks available.
  • The default of jetson_clocks is to maximize the current clocks to whatever max nvpmodel set. This means it is likely that running nvpmodel prior to jetson_clocks will have a different result than running them in reverse order.
  • Typically “sudo nvpmodel -m 0” makes the maximum range of performance available, and following this with “jetson_clocks” will peg clocks to that max.
  • Most of what nvpmodel and jetson_clocks do is to echo values into certain files of “/sys”, and those are pseudo-files which are really the result of drivers and kernel code.
  • I don’t really have much advise on JetPack/SDK Manager commands, I normally flash on command line with
  • If you flash with the monitor attached, then it should have a GUI. You’d still need to complete first boot setup. If you can’t see this, then restarting the NX once may provide the first boot menu.
  • If you flash without the monitor, and instead have a serial console connected, then you should be able to install without the GUI.
  • In some cases you can change the current mode (not permanently) of GUI or not via:
  1. sudo systemctl isolate, or
  2. sudo systemctl isolate