Jetson_clocks vs Jetson Performance Governor


In order to maximize the GPU performance we can run the jetson_clocks script after system boot
or, set the Jetson Performance Governor to “performance”

I would like to know what are the differences between thees two methods of tweaking the GPU for maximum performance? can thees two be configured simultaneously or does it cause some conflict when both are used?

Einat Preter

nvpmodel” selects a range of performance CPUs can follow. Things like higher temperature might throttle back, or cooler temperature might throttle the CPUs faster. I think that the hardware will protect itself and still go lower if it is in danger, but because an nvpmodel is often a “range” of values, one would then use “jetson_clocks” to push to the maximum of that particular range of values. The usual method is to first set to max performance via nvpmodel, followed by jetson_clocks to force the maximum performance within that model.

Thanks. I might be missing something here, but my question was about the performance governor
which is configured by setting:
echo performance > /sys/class/devfreq/17000000.gv11b/governor

does the nvpmodel tool eventually configures the governor for us or are thees non related?

nvpmodel it doesn’t configure governor.

Thanks for clarifying this.
can you explain then the difference (or relationship) between the governor configuration and the jetson_clocks?

hello einat.preter,

jetson_clocks to overwrite clock to its reported maximum, but it’s governors to configure modes, please check $ cat available_governors for reference.

if you configure as performance mode, which means all clocks has boosted. the power consumption might be different in some case.
for example,
if the modules are fully loaded, there’s no difference by using jetson_clocks to toggle clocks, since all modules should be working in maximum clocks.
if it’s not fully loaded, the clocks may be lower, and so power consumption will be lower as well.

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