Thermal qualification questions


I am currently working on a project that includes a TX1 module.
I would like to perform thermal tests in order to validate our design.

My questions are the following:

1- In the “TX1 thermal design guide”, section 3.1.2, it is said to measure TTP temperature using a thermocouple. Can you confirm that this temperature point is only accessible using an external thermocouple ? I am asking this because TX1 being attached to a large passive cooling system, the suggested location is not easily accessible without compromising the test.

2- In the “TX1 thermal design guide”, section 4.1, very useful terminal commands are given to access internal temperature sensors’ last known values. Can you confirm that the measurements “cpu-therm” and “gpu-therm” correspond exactly to the T.cpu and T.gpu given in Table 2-1 ? Are these measurements a reliable way to monitor temperature during a temperature cycling test ?

3- Is there any way in software (e.g. from the default Ubuntu OS) to know if any temperature protection mechanism has been triggered (clock speed reduction etc…) ? We obviously need our device to work at full capabilities during the whole tested temperature range.

Thank you very much for your help !

  1. Yes, that point is must, isn’t it easy to contact if take away the fan and its radiator?

  2. Yes they are T.cpu and T.gpu

  3. tegrastats will show cpu load info, also you can read temp value of cpu or gpu to know as the thermal control is based on their value precisely.

Thank you for yout answer

  1. The problem is, if the heatsink is removed, we will not be able to validate our design at full cpu load as the device will heat up too much and trigger temperature protections. But ok we will find a workaround

  2. OK

  3. Ok so that is what I did not understand. No thermal protection at all can occur as long as T.cpu and T.gpu are below their respective trigger temperature levels. Thanks