problem about high temperature(80℃)

I use Jetson Tx1 module, do high temperature test found the problem, as follows:

Test environment:
(A7 sensor), the inner wall of the chassis (A3 sensor), the high and low temperature box (A3 sensor), the high temperature box Air (A5 sensor),
experiment procedure:
1, initial sensor temperature A1: 22.0 ° C, A3: 24.4 ° C, A5: 19.4 ° C, A7: 22.4 ° C
The high and low temperature box set 75 ℃, tooling power, NVIDIA module work;
2, NVIDIA module work for two hours, work properly, this time A1: 88.1 ℃, A3: 84.4 ℃, A5: 75.3 ℃, A7: 82.7 ℃
3, tooling power off, NVIDIA can not start, the serial port without any print information;
4, the tooling power off a few minutes, when A1: 84.0 ℃, the board can start normally
5, after a few minutes of work, A1: 84.3 ℃, tooling again power off, NVIDIA module restart at BOOT
6, once again power off a few minutes, A1: 83.9 ℃, NVIDIA can be normal;

Hope that the original solution, see what is the solution from the software did not, or where there is set to limit the starting temperature of the place.
hope reply as soon as possible

What’s the value of internal thermal zones? TX1 will shut down if temperature is too high, you can get value with below command:

cat /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone*/type

There is a thermal design guide doc in download center, please take it as reference and also you can refer to below topics for more:

I see 0-7zone, the forum you made the post, see zone1 and zone2
102500 cpu_critical tegra-shutdown
98500 cpu_heavy tegra-heavy
89000 cpu_throttle cpu_balanced

103000 gpu_critical tegra-shutdown
100000 gpu_heavy tegra-heavy
90500 gpu_throttle gpu-balanced

And you say The maximum operating temperature are: T. cpu = 89 ° C, T. gpu = 90.5 ° C

So I would like to say is that the gpu threshold is not set by software to 100 ℃ or 103 ℃, so you can improve the operating temperature of TX1, if you can set how to set to meet our high temperature test needs, thank you!

When temperature reaches the threshold of maximum operating temperature (T.cpu =89c, T.gpu = 90.5c), the CPU/GPU will throttle the performance to decrease temperature.

Once the chip temperature reaches shutdown threshold (T.cpu=103c, Tgpu=104c), a shutdown process will be triggered.

This throttling/shutdown logic control is MUST for protecting chip, so the threshold value can NOT be increased.

Now the Jetson Tx1 default temperature threshold is CPU: 89 ℃, GPU: 90.5 ℃, or CPU: 103 ℃, GPU: 104 ℃ ? Is there anyway to improve the temperature range。

Threshold of throttling performance is T.cpu =89c, T.gpu = 90.5c
Threshold of shutdown is T.cpu=103c, Tgpu=104c
Please do not change them so as to protect chip out of damage.