TX1 can not start in high temperature evironment?

I have some trouble when TX1 is running and temperature goes highly, and due to some problem, TX1 restart, if it can restart, it is fine, but the problem is that TX1 can not restart due to high temperature of itself. I also do some experiment in lab, when i run TX1 for long time which run program using GPU and CPU a lot, then i cut off the power, then i connect power again, but TX1 can not start.
I want wo know whether the problem existes, and if I have ways to solve this problem. Thanks!

Hi Chad_Ding,

What’s the value of internal thermal zones? TX1 will shut down if temperature is too high, you can get value with below command:

cat /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone*/type

There is a thermal design guide doc in download center, please take it as reference.