Design life for T2 vs. TX2i at different temperatures

I am designing a thermal management system for TX2 to passively cool the module. The requirement for design life is 5 years. In order to achieve this design life, I was looking for information on the temperature of TTP vs. life. This will also drive our decision whether we need to use TX2i vs. TX2.
For example, based on the thermal design, we will be running the TTP at 65C. Would TX2 and/or TX2i meet 5 years?
If you can provide a curve for design life vs. temperature (TX2 and TX2i), it would be helpful.
There is number of hours prescribed in the tables. For example, GB at 45C: 2,505,155 hours Rt=0.9656. What does GB stand for? What does the number hours represent?


Hi, did you check this site:

GB: Ground Benign
GF: Ground Fixed

Yes, I checked the link. The link prescribes 10 year life for TX2i but it does not say what temperature it would meet this design life. In other words, if we run the processor at its maximum junction temperature, how long would it last?

As said in link, temp range at module TTP is -40°C - 85°C.

Hi Trumany,

1.I would like to know how much of the duty for Operating life and MTBF of TX2i 10Years/TX2 5Years?

2.What’s the GPU/CPU temperatures for these MTBF(Ta:45C)?

3.Could you provide the MTBF value under 30%/50%/100% each core/GPU 90dgreeC/ and GM factor? Because we use TX2 on the automobile.


Please refer to the link, thermal design guide and OEM DG, all related info we can provide are contained in them.

I didn’t find OEM DG. Could you show that? And what confidence level for the MTBFs, these information didn’t come up.

DLC link:

Hi Trumany,

In the latest TX2 and TX2i datasheet version 1.2, there are 2 MTBF numbers for TX2 in table 62 and 3 MTBF numbers for TX2i in Table 63.
Can you advise what are the environment and temperature related to each reliability prediction ?

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