Jetson TX1 operation under cold temperature say from -20 to -40C

We are trying to qualify if TX1 can operate under cold temperature.

Has anyone ever tried to boot TX1 successfully in cold temperature say under -20C to 40C range? If boot in cold temperature was successful, were all other blocks and peripherals also run correctly under that cold temperature range?

Specifically, we like to know if
Bootloader can boot CPU and then into full OS?
Does the CPU cores’ performance affected by cold temperature?
Does DDR memory and NAND Flash show reduced performance?
Does Graphic core runs sufficiently?
Does peripherals like I2C, SPI, UART and other peripherals show odd behavior?

If the TX1 were able to run in cold temperature, how cold did it reach without performance degradation?

Thank you.

The operating temperature range of TX1 module is -25C~80C. For Jetson TX1 dev kit, the range is 0C~50C.