Can Jetson Tx1 be used for industrial applications?

Dear Jetson community,

I have the following queries, please suggest me with options.

  1. Can Jetson be used in drones having environment, where temperature is more than 50 degree celsius
  2. If yes, assume my flight time is on an average 120 minutes per day. Will the Jetson Tx1 survive, for example, for a period of one year

Please suggest me with options of embedded vision cameras for such industrial applications. My use case involve simple Computer vision and deep learning implementation.


Hi cdu2ster,

The TX1 module operating temperature range is -25C – 80C, please refer to the Product Design Guide and Thermal Design Guide for evaluating product power and thermal solution requirements:
Jetson Download Center -

Regarding camera, we have enabled camera partners for different use cases, including the industrial environment, please find their information from