How to use the Jetson TX2 in extreme cold environments?

Hi there,

We have been working on a project using the Jetson TX2 (not the i version) and we are ready to deploy it for the next 6 months in the field to start collecting data and we can test out our inferencing using it in the field.

Problem is that we are a mining company and we operate far up north of the arctic circle in Nunavut where the temperature drops to about -70c with the wind chill and -60c as normal temperature in winter (Oct - Apr). I saw that the Jetson has an operating temp of -25c to 80

We got a 3D Printer and we were wondering if we printed a case, would that help the Jetson TX2 module survive such an environment? Or do we include a small heater inside the case? Is it recommended to place the jetson board (dev kit) on a heated mat? The only experience we have with electronics are our vehicles which we keep on at all times or power start them using AC power. We can have power routed to the Jetson for any additional accessory like a heater, heated fan/mat etc

Does anyone have any advice on how to do this challenge?


Hi, -25c to 80c is temp range of module, for DevKit 0c ~ 50c is safe. Also DevKit is only used to develop customer’s sw environment and should not be used to mass product.

Seems a case and heater is necessary since ambient temp is so low, I have no such experience can be shared, hope someone can help on this. The key point is to keep module operating in the temp range.