Cold weather failure

My project is a field robot.

I have been developing inside using Jetson Nano.

Went to try outside at about freezing temp and fan took off at high speed.
This evidently locked up OS as I couldn’t ssh into like I did inside.

I do want this field robot to work in cold weather.

Do I have to upgrade to TX series?
Is there a cold weather Nano?

I wonder if it’s just a software thing when the temperature went below 0c into negative numbers there’s some unsigned int somewhere that caused it to be treated as a very large number and caused the shutdown.

I can nose around a bit.

Doing some searching I finally found that Nvidia released a new module in Jul 2019.

The specs for the temp were -25 C to +80 C

Will this help me with my cold weather failure if I acquire this module? Or are there other areas
to look at such as the carrier board and Arduino sensors?

Hi, the operating temperature of production module is -25C ~ +80C, it should be able to work in your situation.

Thanks for the validation of the temp specs Trumany.

Is there a thread or site where a person can check the procedure of changing out the developers
module for the production module?

Also does the production module have an SD card slot?

Hi, please refer to this doc for that: Also you can find other nano docs in DLC.

Thanks Trumany,

I will read the doc.

I read the document but it didn’t appease me, did a little more looking and found document

SP-09732-001_v1.1.pdf. - I assume this is the specs for the new carrier board.

On page 3 I found this.

Developer Kit Operating Temperature Range

0 0C to 35 0C (see Note)

Other concerns are the added wifi and SD card.

Warmer temperatures are coming up so can continue with Nano, am looking at TX series though.
Another route is to build a bed warmer similar to my 3d printer bed.

I guess all of this and more has to be considered for extreme conditions.

Thanks for the pointers Trumany.

Dev kit includes carrier board, so its temp range is different to module, dev kit should not be used for product. Customer should make custom carrier board for their end product and so for the whole thermal design.

I am now becoming aware of this taking this project to the outside.

Also am a one man show and want to put my time into the project.

Has anyone developed an industrial version of the dev kit or should
I consider the TX series which seems to have an industrial thermal range?

Trumany, I do thank you for your time and pointers.

You can check with vendors in ecosystem site: