Jetson nano cold temperatures (Operation, storage)

Hello all.

Just a couple of questions in reference to jetson nano SoC. if someone can give me hand, I’m looking for information for cold temperatures, instead of hot cases as discussed on thermal design guidelines.

  1. It’s possible to work with Jetson nano SoC by any chance with a minimum operating temperature of -30°C?
  2. What is the minimum Storage temperature for jetson Nano SoC?
  3. What is the minimum qualification temperature value used with Nvidia Jetson Nano when testing the SoC?
  4. What is the cold temperature thermal shutdown values (min and max) on the Nvidia Jetson Nano SoC?

Thanks in advance for any information.

Please check the Environmental & Mechanical Screening section at Jetson Nano Module Data Sheet

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Hi, we can only guarantee jetson working in the specification as listed in module data sheet. Please check that for reference.

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