Jetson nano in low temperature

I’m using jetson nano and I need to work under 0 degree.
The jetson is connected to my carrier board and put in a temperature chamber.
When I turn on the voltage to the jetson it does not wake up under 0 degree and I can’t communicate with it until it worm up over 0 degree.

Are you familiar with problems such as I having and what might cause it?

Hi, how many modules have you tested? Can you do some cross check to find out it is module related or carrier board related? Nano module operating temperature range is -25C ~ 97C.

Hi, tested it in 3 modules.
the module started to work sometimes when I did not have delay in “POWER_EN”

I checked 4 jetson nano under -30C during 6 months, stability is more related to 5V power supply. Most power supplies have about 4,6-4,9 Volts when -30C outside and jetson nano is off until reconnect the power. Jetson board has voltage supervisor on input

Hi, what do you mean the “delay” in power_en?

in the data sheet there is request for 400ms delay between power up to power_en.


some jetson nano work fine.
my carrier board work fine and seems like some of jetson nano don’t work well.

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The 400ms is for power supply stable, should not be changed.

Please probe and check the power on sequence to see if it follows the sequence in DG.

We solve this problem with an integrated heating element in the system that turns on below a certain temperature and waits until a certain temperature is reached before turning power on for the whole system. This method is common for outdoor electronics. The heater can be turned off after reaching the operating temperature - in most cases the power of the system is enough to keep the operating temperature high enough.


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