Control Jetson Nano's temperature


I am working with a jetson dev-kit on a production site in India.

The current ambient temperature is 12-15 degree C

It’s running two model with a kafka broker, here is the screenshot of JTOP

So, I have the following queries

  1. Would switching to a module would help to control the temperature? Because in summers the temperature would reach 40-45 degree C
  2. What can be done to control the temperature? Switching to a lower power supply? Or any OS optimizations?

Also, please share any other related information on the above.

Jetson Nano Dev-Kit environmental (storage and operation) temperature is specified with 0 to 50°C, while the production module is specified with -25 to 97°C.

You are obviously using jetson-stats/jtop. Did you try to manually increase the fan speed to 100%?
You may also try to switch to 5W power mode, but that will come with the cost of reduced performance.

p.s.: Dev-Kit is not specified for production use - but you probably know that already.

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Switching to 5W charge did help.

Now temperature is ~35 degree C.