Operating Temperature of Jetson developer kits

As per the datasheet of Jetson System-on-Module, operating temperature is -25°C~80°C. But no such information is mentioned in the datasheet of Jetson Development Kit. Would you please tell me the temperature range for Jetson NANO/NX/ Xavier development kit also?

Dev kit is just for development and should not be used for test or product. So only operating temperature of module is meaningful.

I would like to dig into this a little bit further:

For the Xavier NX module that comes with the Dev Kits, are those NX modules a lesser grade than your production grade modules that are sold separate from the Dev Kits?

Is there a specific reason for the narrow operating temperature range of the Xavier NX Dev Kit Carrier board? The range is 0-35C, is it limited by a part on the carrier board, or is it limited by the ability of the heat sink/fan to cool the Xavier NX?


The module of dev kit is only used on dev kit, not to product as production module.

Generally , the dev kit is designed to be used in normal room temperature only. So the temperature range is that for carrier board.

Hi Trumany,

So the NX Module that comes with the dev kit is not the same NX module that can be bought separately?

And understood that it’s only supposed to be used at room temperature, but what actually limits the temperature range of the Dev Kit Carrier Board? Is there a component on it that is only spec’ed up to 35C? Or is the spec’ed temp range simply arbitrary and centered around room temperature?


No more info on this, you can take it as a range for guaranteed normal usage.