Operating temperature range of Jetson TX1 development kit

What is the operating temperature range of Jetson TX1 development kit?

As you can find in module datasheet in download center, it is -25°C~80°C.

As per the datasheet of Jetson TX1 System-on-Module, operating temperature is -25°C~80°C. But no such information is mentioned in the datasheet of Jetson TX1 Development Kit. You mean to say that the same temperature range holds good for development kit also?

Yes, you can take this range as that of dve kit.

As I have to present it to my customer for technical clearance, how can I get in writing from Nvidia that Jetson TX1 Development Kit has an operating temperature range of -25°C~80°C?

-25°C~80°C is the minimum range in that of all components on module and carrier board, and the validation was done in mode of module + carrier board. This info could be included into doc of OEM DG or dev kit specification in future if needed.

Thanks for providing the information.

Hi Mayank2585, after checking internally, the range of dev kit should be 0°C~50°C, sorry for previous wrong info.