Operating Temperature


I am planning to deploy several TX2 for outdoor use throughout the year. I am wondering if it can stand the cold temperature during winter in Michigan. It would be something like -5 degree F.


Hi Ray, the module operating temperature is rated between -25 and 80C at the TTP (thermal transfer plate) interface.

Thanks, Dusty!

Will it hurt the TX2 if the temperature goes below -20C?

ConnectTech had TX1 working down to -40C using some circuitry on their carriers…

The storage temperature of the TX2 is rated also at -20C , what is the limit for this ? can the TX2 withstand -40C for storage ?


I am also planning to deploy several TX2 for outdoor use throughout the year, so i stumbled upon this forum. I am wondering whether you already found an answer, or had experience with extreme temperatures for storage and operation of the device?

Could it harm the device in any way if the jetson gets under -20C, while it is not used? Would pre-heating the device in some way result in a larger temperature range?


Hi, I have put 4 TX2 outdoor enclosed in a waterproof metal enclosure throughout the winter in Michigan (Detroit) and all of them worked well. Just for your reference.

Thanks for your reply!

Great to hear that the colder temperatures will probably not be too much of a problem.

How did you manage to cool the device during higher temperatures (like in the summer sun) while maintaining a waterproof housing? Did you need an heatsink in the housing? Or was the metal enclose itself enough?

You can have waterproof enclosures with extra fans, I think. Just talk to some vendors.

Hi, you may be interested in the Jetson TX2i for industrial environments with extended temperature range:


Hi, I running TX2 on cold start temperatures -40dC, but HDMI output resolution just 640*480, After a few minutes will display to 1270 * 600, system no any problem.
Is this what is the reason?

Hi jackpeng, -40C cold start is below the official minimum operating temperature range for Jetson TX2 (which is rated -25C to 80C). You would need to pre-heat the TX2 module at that temperature. Jetson TX2i on the other hand, is rated -40C to 85C.

We test has step by step Warming up(-30…-20…–10…0), but up to 0dC just HDMI display normal.

Looks like that the device needs more time to warm up indeed. You can try putting Tx2 in low temperature for a long time first, e.g. -10C, and then power on to see if HDMI display is normal.