TX2 NX coldstart at -40°C

According to the datasheet the Tegra TX2 NX is only specified from -25°C. We would like to use it from -40°C. Are there any experiences with coldstart or operation at that temperature? Do you see it as critical? Is there a way to qualify it for that temperature?

Hi, as you see in the DS, -25°C is the threshold. -40°C start is not supported.

Is there a mechanism that prevents the module to boot at temperatures below -25°C?

Yes, it won’t boot if temperature is below -25°C.

Is there a way to disable that mechanism (at our own risk)?

We don’t support that.

As there is a mechanism which prevent the Jetson from booting, is it allowed to power the module if the temperature is below -25°C or do we have to take care that the power is off in that case?

I don’t understand what your want. Again, the operating temperature range is -25°C~90°C as you can see in DS. Please do not operate it out of the range.

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