[Jetson TK1] Storage temperature

What are the temperature limits of the Jetson TK1 for storage? I can’t find it in the specs.
Same thing with the operating temperature range.

Where can this info be found?

Is this for the board its self, the on board eMMC or the Tegra K1 processor?

The non operational storage temperature for the Tegra K1 processor is -40’C to +125’C

The current operating temperature spec for the Tegra K1 processor measured at the thermal diode is -25’C to 105’C

the eMMC (SDIN8DE4-16G) non operational storage temperature is -40’C to 85’C

So it should be safe to store jetson TK1 PCB’s in the temperature range -10’C to 85’C

Thanks for the answer! It’s the whole board I am interested in. How do you reach the -10°C value? Is there a “weaker link” than the processor and the memory chip?
It is actually of interest for me to know if the board would tolerate extreme negative temperatures while not powered.

The -10’C storage is based on commercial temperature range devices used on the board.
The board operating temperature would be bound by the commercial operating temperature of the devices which i would expect to be 0 to 70’C ambient.
Please note however at 70’C ambient the processor may throttle its performance to ensure that the chip does not exceed its operating temperature