Xavier Industrial Version?

Will there be an industrial version of Xavier? Or is the idea that Xavier is already industrial rated?

https://developer.nvidia.com/embedded/faq#jetson-differences-tx2i <-- contains some of the “ruggedness” specs for the TX2 vs TX2i, how does the Xavier compare on these parameters? E.g., shock, vibration, temp range, humidity and operating life?

Hi, the current Jetson AGX Xavier is commercial spec, like TX1/TX2. We do not have definitive plans yet or a timeline to share for an industrial version of Xavier.

Thanks! Please keep us posted. :)

Also, any ideas on the non-industrial Xavier specs for shock, vibration, temp range, humidity and operating life? The environment I’ll be operating the Xavier in requires a slightly higher level of “ruggedness” but the specs of the current Xavier may be acceptable.

If you refer to section 4.4 of the Jetson AGX Xavier Module Data Sheet, it lists the various electromechanical tests.


Is there any update about an industrial version of the Jetson AGX Xavier?

Hi iraddit, we don’t have a timeline to share yet for the industrial version of Jetson AGX Xavier, it would still be in early planning to do at some point in the future.

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Where can I find details about the shock/vibration/humidity/etc ratings for the Xavier NX module please?

Hi romano,

Please find the Jetson Xavier NX Module Data Sheet from https://developer.nvidia.com/embedded/downloads#?search=Data%20Sheet

Hi, I wanted to ask if there is any new information about a potential industrial Xavier? Or, if not, are there any recommended upgrades from the TX2-i that meet the industrial temperature specifications met by the TX2-i.

Versus the TX2-i, I’m wanting to find something with:

  • equivalent or better compute performance
  • lighter weight / smaller form-factor
  • equivalent operating conditions (e.g. Temp -40 C to 60+ C)

Is there anything available that fits these requirements?

Please refer to Jetson Roadmap | NVIDIA Developer for industrial Xavier.

Thanks for the link, (Jetson Roadmap | NVIDIA Developer).

The industrial roadmap in that link indicates that an industrial version will be available in 2021, yet on the same slide it also indicated 2031. Is this a typo? Is it expected in 2021 or 2031? Also, is it expected to have the same footprint as the commercial version? I’m trying to decide if I can integrate with the commercial version with the expectation that we can do a drop in replacement with the industrial version when it becomes available later this year. Or, will there be changes that would impact the integration compatibility?

At the bottom side, there is a explanation for what 2031 means.

AFAIK, yes, that’s same footprint as the commercial version.

Thanks for the response. I see the planned industrial version for the Xavier AGX this year. I don’t see any plans for the an industrial Xavier NX but I do see plans for the ORIN industrial next year. Is this to mean that NVIDIA will not produce a Xavier NX industrial (and just skip to the ORIN)?

If so, do you have details on the footprint / planned compatibility for the ORIN vs predecessors? I am looking for something with the footprint of a nano or a Xavier NX that is rated for industrial use.

System design decisions may enable you to achieve more ruggedized systems with the Jetson Xavier NX. Here’s an example system from one of our ecosystem partners: Aitech A179.

Your mechanical enclosure design and use of good screws and spacers will help with vibration and shock. (Here’s a good article on the topic.) Also, you can evaluate various embedded SODIMM connectors like LOTES ADDR0070 for your specific reliability requirements. There are plenty of options you can incorporate into thermal solution design, including thermal transfer plate or conduction cooled plate.

Hi Dusty_nv
what is the difference between “NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier Series System-on-Module” & “NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier Development kit”