Jetson Product Updates

With increasing adoption and deployment of AI in industrial and edge/embedded systems, NVIDIA is announcing the following product updates:

  • 1H2021 - Industrial version of the Jetson AGX Xavier module that is form factor, pin and software compatible
  • April, 2020 - Updated Jetson AGX Xavier module with memory increased to 32GB for support of increasingly complex AI models and accelerated computing algorithms
  • Now - The Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit is updated with the same memory increase to 32GB
  • Now - The Jetson Nano Developer Kit is updated to support the production Jetson Nano module and the upcoming Jetson Xavier NX module

Details about the new industrial Jetson AGX Xavier module (Available 1H2021)

  • Suitable for industrial environments with extended temperature range, increased shock and vibration specifications and 10 year operational lifetime
  • 100% form factor, pin, and software compatible with other Jetson AGX Xavier series modules
  • Includes 32 GB of memory with support for ECC
  • Designed for safety with internal Safety Cluster Engine (SCE): a dedicated ARM® Cortex®-R5F subsystem for integrated fault detection mechanisms, lock-step subsystems, and in-field self tests
  • Functional safety documentation package for integration in industrial and robotics safety related systems (early access in 2H2020 upon request).
  • Support for an external safety MCU

Details about the updated Jetson AGX Xavier module (Available April 2020 Now)
Part Number 900-82888-0040-000 replaces previous version (PN: 900-82888-0000-000)

  • Memory increased from 16 GB to 32 GB
  • Price stays the same: $899 (1KU+)

Details about the updated Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit (Available Now)
Part Number 945-82972-004n-000 replaces previous version (PN: 945-82972-000n-000)

  • Memory increased from 16 GB to 32 GB
  • Price stays the same: $699

Details about the updated Jetson Nano Developer Kit (Available Now)
Part Number 945-13450-0000-100 replaces previous version (PN: 945-13450-0000-000)

  • Supports production Jetson Nano module
  • Supports production Jetson Xavier NX module (Available March 2020 Now)
  • 2nd CSI Camera connector
  • Full design files available now at Jetson Download Center
  • Price stays the same: $99

See the Jetson Hardware page for updated roadmap.

Question: I bought a Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit from Arrow a week ago but I haven’t opened the box yet. Is there some way I can trade it in on the new 32 GB version?

Are there plans for QNX support? Seems like something to consider for the industrial version with the safety functionality.

You would have to check with your vendor about their return policy.

As of now, QNX is not on our roadmap. Thanks for the suggestion!

your roadmap page doesn’t include 32gb xavier.


I’m looking for PCB layout(BRD) file for the older version of Jetson Nano development kit (P3450). Such file provided for the newer version (P3449). Please guide me if I can get it and where.


Hi xavidevelo, AGX Xavier 32GB is shown on the hardware roadmap here (available now):

It is replacing the 16GB AGX Xavier, with the same price as 16GB AGX Xavier.

Hi Andrey, please refer to this post:

not there, the top chart showing all the specs.

Ah, thanks for pointing that out - we will have it fixed.

The Jetson hardware page currently has three sections: Technical Specifications, Jetson Family, and Jetson Roadmap.

The Jetson Roadmap section reflects the upcoming change in memory for the module. However, the Technical Specifications section still shows 16GB, since the 32GB version module is not available until April. Once it starts shipping we will update the technical specifications section.

What RTOS will be supported and will NVIDIA provide a particular Jetpack BSP version for that, or something I would have to make?

NVIDIA provides a FreeRTOS reference implementation for the Cortex-R5 Sensor Processing Engine (SPE) in TX2 and Xavier:

Concurrent Real-Time also provides support for Jetson in their realtime version of Linux:

Or were you specifically referring to the Safety Cluster Engine (SCE) for the industrial variant of Jetson AGX Xavier mentioned above?