Alter rootfs partition size

Hello all,

I’m just wondering is there a way to alter the root partition when flashing the Xavier?
I flashed it with the old tool (L4T 4.1.1) and all went well, but I want a smaller / partition, like 15GiB.

When I made a search I stumbled across this post by Linuxdev for a TX2. I wasn’t able to resize the rootfs image because it’s only 3.2GiB, so I only want to flash the rootfs (keep the rest) to have a 15GiB / partition.

But when I do -S 15GiB jetson-Xavier mmcblk0p1 It ends with a failure:

write raw data fail - Success

The systems boots, but the nvidia user password is not set so I’m not able to log in…
Is this the correct way of flashing the Xavier?

Thanks in advance for your support :)

Hi all,

Sorry for the bothering, I found the solution: sudo ./ -S 15GiB -R ./rootfs / jetson-xavier mmcblk0p1

Sorry again, this thread can be erased or locked!