analysis on dense2csr created sparse matrix problem


I have a problem solving a linear system that was generated using dense2csr. On the
analysis phase it drops out with an internal error. I can’t really see what I’m doing
wrong here so I need the help from you experts.

The code was compiled using g++ 4.3, cuda toolkit 4.0 rc on linux running 270.30
nvidia beta drivers. The analysis phase (cusparseScsrsv_analysis) works when the
matrix was converted using coo2csr (not included in test code). I also downloaded
and check the matrix after dense2csr and the csr values are equal to the dense matrix
values. Also, cuda-memcheck shows no errors.

Thanks Gregor

still haven’t found the problem. can somebody please verify the code of the original post!
hasen’t anybody used dense2csr? no sparse matrix users here?

thanks gregor

You can write your own conversion routine, incase the dense2csr is giving wrong answers.!