android USB tethering

Hey everyone, I’m new to jetson development, and I’m having a little trouble configuring my nano to use my phone’s usb-tether. I’m using a freshly flashed jetson nano dev kit.

The only thread I found on these forums was from 2017 and mentioned having to recompile the kernel. I’m hoping this isn’t the case?

I have no problems with usb-tethering on my ubuntu 18.04 host machine.

While searching for solutions, I noticed others were all trying to use the micro-usb port for OTG, but I am only wanting to use the regular ports.

Without any modifications, NetworkManager lists ethernet interfaces rndis0 & usb0 as “device not managed” I’ve used ncmli to set it to managed, which enables them in NetworkManager, but have not been able to configure successfully.

$lsusb lists my phone…"(network tethering, USB debugging enabled)"

Are there changes to to the’/opt/nvidia/l4t-usb-device-mode/nv-l4t-usb-device-mode-*.sh’ scripts that I need to make?

I tried disabling l4tbr0 from being created, and disabling/enabling different modes, but nothing seemed to work.


I also have a problem trying to connect NVIDIA Jetson Nano with Android USB Theathering, at first I was able to access the internet and suddenly my computer died. I do not understand what actually happened, do you have a solution to my problem? Thank you

Thank me later
Because I just drained my whole day for it
You just have to go your mobile debugging setting and turn it on
It will start working