Announcing GPU.NET from TidePowerd "Native" GPU computing for .NET

Hi all! I’m proud to announce that we’ve just released the “Beta 2” version of GPU.NET, a new product from my company (TidePowerd) which allows developers to write their GPU-based code in C# or other .NET-supported languages. If you do any .NET development with CUDA, I’d greatly appreciate it if you’d give GPU.NET a try and offer us some feedback on it.

You can download the current GPU.NET Beta here: Download the GPU.NET Beta

See some example projects in our GitHub repository: GPU.NET Example Projects

Read the documentation: GPU.NET Documentation

If you do give it a try, feel free to post your feedback in this thread, or email us at if you’d prefer email.


  • Jack Pappas, CEO & Co-Founder, TidePowerd Ltd.

EDIT (21-Dec-2010): Posted the Beta 3 release. Big performance gains in this version!

Stickied, because this is legitimately cool.

Very cool indeed.

Hope you’ll join us for for a live demonstration and Q&A session with Jack Pappas on Wednesday, December 12/15 at 9am Pacific time.

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