CUDA.NET 2.2 released Supports CUDA 2.2 on Windows, Linux, Mac


We are pleased to announce the release of CUDA.NET 2.2.
Click here for download.


  • Supporting latest CUDA 2.2 API (zero copy and more)
  • Extended runtime API (further support for memory copy)
  • Updated documentation (Using CHM file for MSDN style docs)
  • Extended API for the CUDA class, to support all driver operations (except JIT at the moment)
  • API of CUFFT was fixed to be more accurate (removing support for double precision)

You are invited to read more in the following blog post.

Call for contribution - case studies
We are inviting organizations, research institutes and privates to share with us case studies and stories for their use of CUDA.NET.
For more information, you are invited to read in the following blog post, or send us a message to this address (

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