CUDA.NET 2.0 released Supports CUDA 2.0 on Windows, Linux, Mac

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CUDA.NET version 2.0 was released yesterday and is now available for download.
Direct link for downloading the new version: CUDA.NET Downloads/Releases

Changes from CUDA.NET 1.1:

  • Fully supporting CUDA 2.0 API
  • Added support for double precision data types
  • Added latest BLAS routines exposed through CUDA 2.0
  • Minor bug fix (with CUDA class)

Most important of all:
We are intending to use a CMS named Joomla to host information and programming resources on CUDA.NET.
An effort to port examples from CUDA SDK to CUDA.NET has started and we already have some VS 2005 projects demonstrating the use of CUDA.NET.
All these materials will be available on our website soon, until mid October for the community to get started.