Any Experience with Dual SLi 8800M GTX Notebooks?

Hi there,

After various attempts trying to use CUDA on a notebook with 8400M G, I have finally gave up due to its performance and compatibility with only CUDA 1.0. I have decided to invest on a notebook like the new Alienware Area-51 m17x or Dell XPS M1730 with Dual Nvidia 8800M GTX SLi Enabled graphics cards and will like to know if anyone here have any experience using one for CUDA development. Well, I know that many of you will recommend getting a desktop but the application I am developing will require the PC to be mobile. In addition, I know that battery life is going to be an issue but i have found a suitable external power supply (Li-Ion) for laptops. Of course, there are many other brands such as Rock, Pro-Star and Sager. However, I am based in Australia and I am afraid local technical support for these brands will not be good and fixing these computers will take a rather long time since i will need to ship these machines back to US. So if anyone here has some experience or other suggestions, please share it with me before i commit on such a pricey notebook. Thank you!