any laptops supporting double precission?

I am looking for a demo machine that would be easier to carry around and was wondering if there are any laptops around that support double precission?

There don’t seem to be any compute 1.3 laptop chips (is that correct?)
What about compute 2.0 (fermi) chips, as far as I know not all of them are planned to support double precision, is that true? If so, any idea which ones do and which don’t?

At least the Quadro 5000m that is announced to come in the hp elite 8740w (isn’t in the current website options) seems from the webpage to support double precision. Doesn’t seem to be much information about the 480m that already appears in some of the notebooks from clevo (any other companies selling them?). But both are 100W cards, for demo/develop I could settle for less power, in every sense.