CUDA on a laptop


I want to buy a laptop and use it for CUDA dev. I would like the GPU to support double precision as well.

I was thinking of buying a laptop with a nVidia GT 130M GPU, but I can’t find the info I require anywhere.

Does anyone have this GPU? Does it support double precision? Which version of CUDA does it support in hardware?
Doe anyone have any other recommendations? (105M/110M?)


I don’t think that any of the mobile GPU’s support double-precision. If you can afford to wait a bit longer, get one with the new GT 240M’s (or another one of the new models). They support compute capability 1.2, which sadly is the one just before double-precision support was introduced. However, you will get extra registers and support for DirectX 10.1.

I have not yet heard of a double-precision capable laptop card. The newer cards for laptops are compute capability 1.2, so they have everything GT200 has, except double precision.

Thanks for your replies. Is there any real difference then between the 9x00/9600 GT M and the 1x0/130 M series? (In terms of CUDA capabilities)

In which case I can save a lot of money by getting a lower-end GPU.

compute capability 1.2 cards have double the amount of registers, relaxed coalescing requirements, basically everything capability 1.3 has over 1.1, except double precision…

Would anyone know when and at what prices laptops with the G2xx GPUs will be available?

There haven’t been any actual product announcements that I have seen for these new parts. The speculation is that NVIDIA won’t have these 40 micron parts in volume from TSMC for some time, as the fab yields have been “disappointing”. I am guessing it might be closer to the end of the year before they see the light.