What's the Compute Capability of GeForce GT 330

This is an OEM product and I can’t find the Compute Capability of it on NVidia’s homepage…


In fact I will order my new computer from DELL, so I don’t have that card at hand now… I need a card which supports double datatype calculation, so I am curious about its Compute Capability, is there any documentation for this information?

http://developer.download.nvidia.com/compu…ngGuide_3.1.pdf Appendix A

I only found the 330M, is it the same for GT330?

I would not assume this. NVIDIA has a habit of model numbering that does not reflect any underlying hardware attributes. (Since many card purchasers do not care about such things.)

That said, I think most of the new OEM cards tend to be compute capability 1.2, since such devices are cheaper and use less power. I would assume that double precision is only supported on the GTX 200 and 400 series cards listed in the appendix. (And the GTX 460 that just came out and has not been added to the Appendix yet.)