List of Cuda Compute Capability for each card ? Does it exist ?


Is there a list of Cuda Compute Capability for each nVidia card please ?

Thank you for your help !

Check section “A.1 General Specifications” of the programming guide

There’s a list in appendix A of the cuda programming guide which includes most current graphics cards,

you can find the compute capability for the ones that aren’t in the list by browsing through this site.


Thank you for your answers BUT…

…I have already find this link but there is no information about compute Capability Version, they only tell if the card is compatible CUDA or not… :mellow:

Hey Nico,

Where do they list it on the CUDA Enabled products page?

I know there was talk on the forums about adding it to the site but I don’t see it anywhere yet…am I just missing it?

Hmm, you’re right. I could have sworn I had seen it on there somewhere, but I can’t seem to find them any more since the site was revamped… or my memory is just failing me :)

Maybe there’s an updated list in the 2.3.beta guide ;)


Yeah, I can check the 2.3 beta guide if you are looking for information on a specific card hassaneo

Ooh ! Really ?

2 questions …

Is there anything about Cuda compute capability for laptop graphic cards ? (if you can list all laptop graphics card names, with CCC 1.3 and 1.1)

Where did you find 2.3 beta documentation :) ?


2.3 beta is available to registered developers. I sent tmurray a message to see if it is OK to post a screen capture of the compute capabilities. I’d imagine it would be fine but since 2.3 is still in beta I’m not sure what’s supposed to be shared on the forums.

After getting confirmation from tmurray, I’ve attached a screen capture of the device compute capabilities from the 2.3 beta programming guide.

Hopefully the card you are interested in is listed :thumbup:


edit: Fixed image

The new Quadro FX 1800 is missing from this list.

And it has inherited some errors from previous listings: The 8400GS exists in two versions. The later version has only one MP, not two. Similarily for 9600GSO which exists both in 12 MP and a 6MP versions.

Good morning,

So, the best way to find the right graphic card with the right Cuda Compute Capability is to check the list of graphic card sorted by category in

Then you take the list of Cuda Compute Capability for each card that you will find in…Guide_2.2.1.pdf

(it’s exactly the same data table that jph4599 finds in 2.3 beta)

And finally, you go on to know if your graphic card exist in a laptop, but I discovered that alienware has an edge cause they are already selling laptops with GTX 260M that I found nowhere (I want the cheaper laptop with CCC 1.3 :rolleyes: ).

Just because this is among the top search results: There’s now a CUDA compute capability matrix of all NVIDA GPUs.