GT400 Compute capability


I am interested in the GT440 card, I know that has a GF108 GPU, that means that has a Compute capability of 2.1.

It is strange because in the official NVIDIA webpage says that has 1.0.

I would like to know the compute cabability of the device.

Thank you.

Wow, it looks like there is a whole segment of GeForce GPUs listed around the GT 440 that are wrong on the NVIDIA page. I don’t have a GT 440, so I can’t fire up device query to check directly, unfortunately.

Ok, I hope someone could help me, thanks for the response.

There are several reports in the net showing that BOINC identifies GT 430 as having compute capability 2.1. GT 440 is the same chip, so it should be cc 2.1 too. NVIDIA web site is wrong.


I think the same but I would like to confirm this theory, now I am sure.

Thank you for your reply.