CUDA Compute Capability for FX-580 ? Missing CUDA-Specifications for FX-580


does anyone know the actual compute-capability of FX-580 devices ?

The datasheet of the device says ‘CUDA Enabled’ and it is listed on
but neither the datasheet nor the web-page tells me the actual version
of CUDA’s compute capability (1.0-1.3?).

Also Appendix A of the Programmers Guide does not list FX-580
(but it lists e.g. FX-5800 and FX-570). My guess is that FX-580
is somewhat close to FX-570 which would be compute capability 1.1

Can someone verify this ?


P.S. As a matter of fact I’m looking for a device with compute capability
1.3 (needs double precision), but with as low power consumption
as possible (just because ot the noise, costs are no subject).

Yes, the Quadro FX-580 is based on the G96 architecture and so is compute capability 1.1.

I think the lowest end compute capability 1.3 Quadro card available currently is the FX 3800.