GPU compute capability list? (cuda 1.0, 1.1, 2.0)

Hi everyone,

Does anybody know, where to find a list of GPU computation capabilities?

GPU - CUDA Vers.

G80 - 1.0
G84 - …

We would like to know, which current available Hardware supports which Cuda version (like the 1.1 atomic functions).
This would be also very interesting for future CUDA 2.0 HW.

Or is there a Thread or a nvidia page about that anywhere? Did not find one, yet.

Or am i just very stupid, and it is:
g8x - 1.0
g9x - 1.1
g… - 2.0

Thx for your answers ;)

First, there is no compute 2.0 yet. The compute version is NOT tied to the CUDA version.

Second, did you look in Appendix A of the programming guide? There is a table that lists compute capability and the number of multiprocessors by GPU.

But, to answer your question directly, it is easy. For all CUDA capable GPUs released to date, G80=1.0 and everything else=1.1.

Exactly the information, i was searching for… so we just have to look for HW with a GPU > G80.

And… Appendix A. :whistling: … how embarrassing…

Thx a lot :)