CUDA on 9800GX2?

Hi everybody,

I’m a newbie in CUDA programming…

I want to buy a 9800GX2, but I need that the card support “CUDA programming and testing”.

Why 9800GX2 isn’t in CUDA enabled-GPUs web page? It’s not updated or it’s not enabled for CUDA?

Hope it’s not updated. :blink:


The 9800GX2 supports CUDA. Every GPU since the 8800GTX supports CUDA.

Thank you very much!

Now will it support Compute capability 1.1 or 1.0?



If it’s a G92, it’s 1.1, otherwise it’s 1.0.

Just for the record, G84 and G86 are 1.1 too.

What I read is that it is 2 G92’s stuck together (8800 GTS 512 if I recall correctly)


Thanks for clarifying.