8800GT Compute Capability

Is the GeForce 8800GT card of compute capability 1.1 (i.e. does it have the atomic operations)? Does anyone know if we should expect a faster card (with CC1.1) to arrive this year? Thank you,

Erik Sintorn

The 8800GT has Compute Capability 1.1. , but the CUDA SDK 1.0 driver doesn’t support the card yet.
I think you’ll have to wait for the v1.1. to be released

Yes it has 1.1 (or, at least 1.1, it might support more once CUDA runtime is brought up to date with the new features, whatever they might be :) )

Well, I think CUDA 1.0 supports Compute Capability 1.1. So if this card is 1.1, why CUDA wouldn’t take advantage of it? Because with CUDA 1.0, you do have atomic operations on 8500 and 8600 series (even though it’s quite slow I believe).

It is a driver problem.
The driver that shipped with CUDA 1.0 will not recognize the 8800GT as a CUDA device.

Well, alright. And like you said on another thread, CUDA 1.1’s coming soon… ;)

As for your second question, the 8800 GTS revision could be G92 based, which suggests that CC1.1 may be supported. Other sites have claimed that it is just an updated G80 and probably still CC1.0. <- I so hate ending a sentence with a punctuated version number!

There’s a new 8800 GTS revision?

There are two kinds of 8800GTS. One has the old G80 core and the other has the new G92 core. The easy way to distinguish is to check a memory on a graphic card. New one has 512MB. And the new one supports 1.1 compute capability, i.e. atomic instruction. I checked this with my 8800GTS 512MB.

Here’s a good overview:


Yeah, old post. I figured this out months ago, but the wiki page is very good. :)