atomic function for 8600 and not 8800 ? for 1.1 and not 1.0 ???

Hi everyone,

There is something here that I don’t understand. It is said in the guide (and seems to be true when compiling) that atomic operations are only available for 1.1 architecture -arch sm_11 and not 1.0 with -arch sm_10…but the 8600 (1.1) is in middle range of G80 gpus and cheeper than 8800 (1.0) ones.
I don’t understand … I have a 8800 as you have understood and need to use atomic functions.
What is the reason ? is it because 8600 GPUs have been released later than 8800 ones ??


We keep adding features to the GPUs. For now, atomic operations are available on the G84 and G86 (not on the original G80).