Cuda 1.1 and 8800 GTX device deviceProp ->1.0, 1.1 samples dont run

Just installed the tookit drivers etc for CUDA 1.1. Tried to run simpleAtomics sample on a 8800 GTX. The calls

deviceProp.major returns 1 and
deviceProp.minor returns 0

so the sample does not run. Am i doing something wrong or does CUDA 1.1 not run on the 8800 GTX?


the 8800 GTX has compute capability 1.0 (no atomic operations)
So this is expected behaviour

There is also a lot of confusion about CUDA software version numbers, and compute capability. CUDA 1.1 (software) runs on all GeForce 8 and 9 cards (as does CUDA 2.0). Compute capability 1.1 is a hardware revision that added support for atomic global memory operations. This revision occurred after the G80 cards (8800 GTX, 8800 GTS 320/640 MB, Tesla) were released.

(Apologies if you already know this. I just bring it up since it isn’t always clear what the difference is)