CUDA SUPPORT geforce 8800gs cuda support

does nvidia geforce 8800gs (192 bits ) supports CUDA reply me ASAp i need the card for CUDA .THNX as all other geforce 8 series models are in the supported lists

Yes, it supports CUDA. All GeForce 8xxx series cards support CUDA.

some guys saying 8800gs is not official can you clear me on that

Just haven’t added it to the list yet since it’s brand new. There is no reason it should not work. It’s an 8-series (g92 actually) and looking in the driver for the 8800gs it has the cuda dll’s.

You will need that 8800gs specific driver such as

note the 169.32 driver only supports the 8800gs right now, so there is not yet a driver that would let you use this card along with a different model if you were trying to use multiple cards.

thanks a lot