Does CUDA works with NVIDIA NB8M-GS?

I’ve encountered the necessity to work with CUDA applications on my laptop. When i tried to launch my program in real(non emulation) mode for the first time, i received an cudaErrorNotYetImplemented error. Ok, it’ s normal. May be, i forgot to upgrade CUDA drivers ( in fact, i forgot does i have any drivers or not). But when i downloaded the new 181.20 version for Vista32 , it said something like “there is no hardware i could work with” and failed. It was really strange – i believed that NVIDIA NB8M-GS is something like gf8400 gs or even gf8600 gs and it should be supported by CUDA. It is true? And if it is true may be it needs a special driver? And if it needs special driver where it could be found?

Maybe you dont have enough memory:

“GeForce 8, 9, 200-series GPUs with a minimum of 256MB of local graphics memory.” taken from

Your card supports a maximum of 256 MB as far as i now. so it could be that you got one with 128 MB …