Poor's man CUDA card (doesn't work for me)

I’ve just installed (recycled) a Quadro NVS 290, which seems to be the most basic NVIDIA card that is CUDA enabled. On my machine it replaces an older ATI card that i got rid of earlier today.
However, the NVS 290 doesn’t work for me (I get the “There is no device supporting CUDA.” message.") except in emulation mode. I read the documentation and the card is supposed to be supported.

I have two questions in regards to this problem:
a) is there anybody out there who’s successfully using this entry level card with CUDA in non-emulation mode?
B) is there anything i might try to look into that could fix this problem

some additional information: i run WinXP and the driver that i have is ForceWare 162.65 (which i verfied and is supposed to be the one i should be running).

I had a similar post earlier today but not much came my way. So i want to close by saying that any thoughts/suggestions would be greatly appreaciated.


If you’re working with CUDA 1.1 then you need to update your driver to 169.xx.