CUDA Device Not Found Installed latest drivers/SDK/tools without error, but no CUDA device


I successfully installed the CUDA 2.3 driver, toolkit and SDK with no errors reported.

The system:

WinXP 32 bit SP3
Dual XEON quad core (2.6 GHZ)
3.25 GB RAM

All the example applications fail, for example the simpleTexture app says in the CMD box:

“no CUDA-capable device is available”

I tried reinstalling the driver (again with no error) but that doesn’t change anything. The pulldown selector for which CUDA device to use in the nvidia application launcher shows: “GTX 200”, “geforce 8” and “geforce 9” (iirc, i think its geforce), which seems to indicate that at least some function is there.

My application also fails with no CUDA device found.

I guess I can’t figure out what’s wrong – could another app be interfering with it?

Also, I have rebooted a few times.


You really might wanna look here:

I can tell you that NVS 285 is not a CUDA enabled Hardware ffs. -_-

Thanks for the answer. I was installing on a user’s computer and never thought that a 285 wouldn’t be CUDA enabled. Why would the NVS 290 and up, as well as the 285 GTX, be and not the NVS 285? Apologies for not being an expert on nVidia devices. I am more familiar with the GT/GTX line and not the NVS.

You may also want to consider trying to install a prior version of CUDA. I have a laptop with a GeForce 8200 M which is not supported by the 2.3 version of CUDA, but which will work with the 2.2 version. (At least it does under Vista. I’m still trying to get it to recognize it under Linux.) I think it may have something to do with which version of the NVIDIA drivers are supported by a particular chipset. CUDA 2.3 requires the 190.xx drivers to be installed, but I was only able to get 186.xx drivers to work on my machine.

Hope this helps.

You should also know that windows xp wont run multiple graphics drivers. If your primary graphics is not nvidia then it will also display that same message on your first post. And i’ve also found that 2.3 drivers did work with nvs 285 but not at 100%, as suggested move to an earlier version and try it out.


I also have the same problem,

I bought tesla s1070 (c1060 graphic cards) and want to use it with XP64 bit PC.

I installed cuda 2.3, toolkit and sdk also but when test it with devicequery it gave error “There is no device supporting CUDA”

What must I do, what is the probelem?


The NVS numbers and GT/GTX numbers are not interchangeable. The NVS 285 is more like a GeForce 7100.