Quadro NVS 135M not recognized on Fedora 10 Device Emulation used despite the presence of a compatib


I am running Fedora 10 on a Dell Latitude D830 (equipped with a Quadro NVS 135M), and while I have successfully installed the nVidia accelerated driver from the distro (v 177.82), my card seems not to be recognized by the CUDA libs (v2.0.)

I tried this code:

#include <stdio.h>

int main()


	int devs;

	cudaDeviceProp dev;


	cudaGetDeviceProperties(&dev, 0);

	printf("total devices: %i | name: %s clock: %i cores: %i major: %i\n",

	devs, dev.name, dev.clockRate, dev.multiProcessorCount, dev.major);

	return 0;


and this is what I got:

[cloud@cloud cuda]$ nvcc test.cu

[cloud@cloud cuda]$ ./a.out

total devices: 1 | name: Device Emulation (CPU) clock: 1350000 cores: 16 major: 9999

[cloud@cloud cuda]$

What am I doing wrong? I checked the release notes, and the card should be supported. 3D acceleration works nicely, so I assume that there is no issue with the nvidia driver itself (except perhaps that it comes from the distro’s repos.)

Thanks in advance for your time.

Claudio A.

You answered your own question–most distro repos have very old drivers that don’t support CUDA. You should be able to use the newest 2.0 final or 2.1 beta drivers.

I updated from 177.82 to the new beta 180.06 and the card is now recognized correctly.
I don’t understand, because CUDA 2.0 already supports the NVS 135M, and it is coupled (in the CUDA download section) with the 177.73 driver, which is older than the one I had.
However, I am happy this way ;)

Thank you!

Claudio A.