CUDA on Lenovo laptop


Here is my laptop configuration

Graphics Card: Nvidia Quadro NVS 140M
Nvidia Driver: 175.97
Windows VISTA
MS Visual Studio Express Edition 2005
SDK and Toolkit - CUDA 2.0Beta

Running in administrator mode and all the code
was compiled in Release mode. But when we execute
the program does not use the GPU, instead the program
runs in Device Emulation (CPU).

We are unable to install the latest Nvidia Driver for Vista (177.35)
and we get the message “device not compatible”.

We have no clue how to proceed from here.

Any assistance would be very helpful.

On my Lenovo T61p laptop, Windows XP, Quadro 570M, all the tools work and run, I use it for CUDA development! I’m not administrator.

This may not be too similar to your situation (XP vs Vista) but at least you know that there’s no Lenovo+Quadro problem.

I had the same problem in my Vaio VGN.

The solution was installing Linux :angel:

are you forcing the driver or are you trying to install it normally. I think you have to first unpack the driver to your HDD then update the driver from there

Check out the url below. It shows you how to edit the inf to include support for the NVS 140m.…clnk&cd=8&gl=us

Like the other said, just unpack the driver and mod the inf to recognize your card. Or go to laptopvideo2go and grab a modded inf from there.