Windows 7 RC1 CUDA driver for Lenovo T61P? I'd like to run CUDA on my lenovo T61P.


I just got windows 7 rc1 installed on a lenovo T61P w/Quadro FX570M. The latest 185.85 nVidia CUDA enabled notebook driver will not install - I get an error dialog that says something about “no compatible hardware found”. Does anyone know how I can install the 185.85 driver on this machine?


I have got same problem with my computer (window7 RC with Vaio VGN SZ55B) I couldn’t install Cuda 2.0release (185.85 driver) on my machine, so I installed cuda 2.0release for vista (178.08 driver) on my computer, it works ok but not the thing i expected.

Hi Quoc Vinh. Would you mind posting a link to the 178.08 driver you installed?

I got this driver from nvidia page.

I chose windows vista 32 and cuda version 2.0.

I got Cuda Driver 178.08, Cuda toolkit, and SDK.

Thanks!! I’d still like to get the latest version running so if you find out how to do it please post a reply!!