CUDA support for Quadro NVS 290 There is no device supporting CUDA.

I used to have an ATI card and use CUDA in emulation mode.
A friend donated a Quadro NVS 290, which is now installed instead of my previous ATI. Although I read that CUDA 1.1 supports Quadro NVS 290 when I try to run any example made available with the distribution I get the “There is no device supporting CUDA.” message.

I rebooted the machine, uninstalled and re-installed CUDA, etc., but to no avail. I must say that if i want to run in emulation mode, that’s still ok.

Any suggestions?
Thank you.

Which OS are you using? Which display driver did you install?

the os is WinXP, not sure what display driver i run. i have ForceWare 162.65, is this the info that is relevant?

thank you, your help is very much appreciated.

Why post same questions in several topics?

Update your driver to 169.xx.

AndreiB, thanks for your post. That took care of the problem, which is strange since the Quadro NVS 290 was not listed as supported by the 169.xx driver. Maybe that is something that needs to be clarified in the documentation for 169.xx driver.

Please explain me how have been you able to use your ATI Card in Emulation mode.
I’m trying the same thing (because my lab PC has an 8800 but my laptop has just an ATI express) but it still gives me an error finding cutil32.dll

cutil32.dll is part of the SDK, and isn’t required to use CUDA.